Expectations of the Client:

1. Honesty and Communication
Allowing for transparency and open communication with myself will ultimately help me, help you. The height of success at which we achieve together is going to strongly depend the relationship of trust we can form and fully disclosing all details, asking questions and always being honest within your check-ins and the execution of your plan and updates. 
2. Adaptable and Coachable
This requires attention and diligence from the client. It is important that you are open to listening to feedback, receiving constructive criticism, are able to reflect on your efforts and how they can be improved, and being an enthusiastic individual. 
3. Effort and Intention
Follow through on your word. Execute and adhere to your plan. Leave no room for questionability, make your goals obvious, and demonstrate adherence while being patient. This takes time! And there will be no instant gratification.
4. Accountability
Remain accountable to your check-in schedule/ day. This goes hand and hand with your nutrition, cardio and workouts. It is your responsibility to eat your meals, do your workouts and your cardio sessions. It is your responsibility  to check in on your given day. If the day does not work for your schedule let me know and we will make it work around your schedule. EVEN IF YOU FEEL LIKE YOU ARE NOT MAKING PROGRESS, HAD AN OFF WEEK OR SLIPPED UP YOU STILL NEED TO CHECK IN. Those are all details to include in your check- in. Slip-ups and mistakes are normal from time to time!  WE ALL MAKE THEM!!I We do not want to create bad reoccurring habits. IF I AM NOT AWARE OF THINGS/ DETAILS, I CANNOT MAKE CHANGES TO HELP!
5. Trust
Trust the process and the plan and we will get you where you want to be! Every decision, adjustment and change I make is with your best interest in mind, never forget that. I am always on your side, even when the things I say may not be what you want to hear but are what you need to hear. This will only make us better!
6. Consistent Communication
More than just checking in, letting me know the different hiccups and nuances of your daily life that throws you off plan. This allows me to better understand you as a person and better tailor your plan to fit you. Being thorough in your check ins allows this coach-client relationship work and flourish. This way each time you check in I am not dragging information out of you and we can get right to monitoring and adjusting as needed.
The more you put in the more you will get out, plain and simple. Strive to be your best! Be better each week. I promise you will always get the absolute best and most out of me when you give me your very best. 


What to Expect from Myself as Your Coach:

1. Accessibility
All clients will have 24/7 access to me for check ins and communication via email and/ or text (depending on your plan). You can expect a 12 hour window for a response to your check-ins/ questions via text or email. You will never be left in the dark or left guessing. I just ask to please respect my business hours when considering the 12 hour response time window. Although you can expect a response from myself very quickly (within minutes and hours) after business hours I dedicate to my family. 
2. Continued Learning
While coaching is a great passion of mine, another is learning and always expanding my knowledge. The human body, nutrition, science and bodybuilding fascinate me and I am always eager to learn and add more tools/ knowledge to my repertoire. This allows me more tools/ knowledge to apply to my clients to make sure they are getting the absolute best guidance and knowledge. 
3. Attention To Detail
As every client is different so are all of your individual plans. While I have my basic philosophies I believe in, sometimes what makes sense on paper does not translate to real life. This is where the analysis of every detail on your plan becomes so important as to not overlook anything. Everything detail on your plan has a specific reason/ intent behind it. 
4. Passion
I get more joy out of helping a client achieve their desired goals than i do my own personal ambitions. You will never hear me complain about someone asking questions or wanting to learn more or asking me questions regarding their plan. That is what I am here for and what I love and enjoy doing for my clients. Having someone in your corner that truly loves what they do is an invaluable asset!
5. Transparency 
I can promise you I will always give you the 100% truth in all your questions, check ins and feedback. Like I have mentioned you may not like what I have to say, but it is always in the best interest to make YOU BETTER! This does not mean I will break you down, in fact it is quite the opposite. My goal is to always give you my honest assessment/ feedback so that we can build you up to what you aspire to be, reach your goals, and have you be the absolute best client you can be.