About MNT Coaching

Mitropoulos Coaching/ Training/ Nutrition is a full online nutrition and training coaching business ran and operated by NPC National Champion Bodybuilder Steven Mitropoulos. We specialize and provide clients with 100% custom nutritional and training plans based off of their individual goals and lifestyle. We use science, application, experience, and continuing education in tailoring all clients plans. Our primary goal is to help any individual male or female achieve a healthier lifestyle. Wether you’re a competitor in their offseason, need contest preparation, want to lose weight, or just achieve an all around healthier lifestyle we have a plan and an approach for you!

Your Coach

Steven Mitropoulos, born and raised in Southern New Jersey is a NPC National Champion Bodybuilder. As a graduate of Rowan University with a bachelors degree in health and exercise science/ nutrition, Steven uses the same educational scientific principles and strategies obtained to help and guide his clients in reaching their fitness, health and wellness goals. Steven has won the 2017 NPC Collegiate National Bodybuilding Championships, along with other overall bodybuilding titles, and has competed competitively and trained for over 10 years. Steven has obtained the following certifications: AAAI personal training certification- ACSM personal training certification – ISSA Nutrition certification. Steven uses his own expertise, education, and experience to ensure the success of each and every one of his clients by customizing every plan 100% to the individuals needs.